What is Career Ending Injury Insurance and why do I need it?

What is Career Ending Injury Insurance and why do I need it?

A career in professional sport is high risk when it comes to injury. Every day, somewhere in the world an athlete is forced to face up to the fact that injury has stopped them earning a living from the sport they love.

Athletes are, by definition, young people who, by and large, owe their success to a single-minded pursuit of excellence in their chosen sport. They’ve often been required to make many sacrifices during their careers to reach their goals. Consequently, finding a new role can be difficult and finding one which matches their former earning power almost impossible.

Whilst the risk of injury and illness might be unavoidable, the severe financial impact it has on you and your family can be avoided given proper planning. The key is ensuring that the right cover and benefits are identified to suit each individuals bespoke needs.

Many professional team sports have central arrangements in place to give an element of security to players.  However, this group cover is unlikely to meet the long-term financial aspirations and expectations of a player whose earnings are cut to almost zero overnight, so it is important to consider whether you have sufficient cover in place.

Tailored specifically to your sporting risks and personal requirements, a career-ending injury insurance policy can:

Give you financial security.

Provide a tax-free lump sum in the event of a career ending injury or illness.

Offer a ‘Top-Up’ to the insurance provisions of a central playing contract.

Offer 24-hour worldwide cover – on and off pitch.

Provide cover whilst on international duty.

Offer a 24 month claim period.

Offer a retraining benefit payable in addition to the sum insured.

Whether you’re a young sports professional or established international it’s always important to ensure you have the appropriate level of cover in place.

Plan for the worst, whilst you perform at your best.

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