All Sport and ERS support new ‘Jockey Matters’ film highlighting key road safety messages for jockeys

Tuesday 22nd October 2019



All Sport Insurance, alongside ERS the specialist motor insurer are delighted to have supported the latest ‘Jockey Matters’ film entitled ‘Drive Smart, Stay Save’.

The film, which has been produced by JETS, the Jockeys Education & Training Scheme, aims to highlight some of the key issues that jockeys face on the roads such as driving long distances when fatigued, speeding and mobile phone use and can be viewed here:

The film features insightful contributions from senior Flat jockeys Paul Mulrennan and Stevie Donohoe as well as Jump jockey Lorcan Williams whilst Alan Daly gives his perspective as a former Flat jockey who now frequently attends road traffic collisions as part of his role as a firefighter with Surrey Fire & Rescue.  All of the jockeys speak passionately about their experiences whilst driving and give some useful advice to other jockeys to help them stay safe on the roads.

As stated in the film jockeys are the fifth most likely occupation to have a road traffic accident and therefore it is important that they are educated about the key risks and consequences of being involved in an incident on the roads.

Amy Derham, Relationship Manager at All Sport Insurance commented “All Sport and ERS are proud to be partnering with JETS on the Drive Smart film to highlight the importance of safety on the road. Just as it’s vital that Jockeys take steps to protect themselves against burn out and look after their own wellbeing, it’s also important that they have the right motor insurance in place. Too often sportspeople get a raw deal on their insurance because their professions are automatically classified as ‘high risk’, that’s why Jockeys will benefit from using a specialist motor insurer. At All Sport, our policies are manually underwritten by experts that fully understand the unique nature of a jockeys work. For example, ERS offer jockeys a policy whereby they can drive other vehicles with fully comprehensive cover. This can be extremely useful when they are sharing lifts to and from the racecourse.”

Lisa Delany, JETS Manager said, “Many jockeys have stated that the constant travelling is one of the hardest aspects of a jockey’s lifestyle.  Jockeys start driving long distances at young ages and it’s important that they’re educated about the key risks around driving in order to help minimise their chances of being involved in a road traffic incident.”

The film will serve as an ongoing educational tool as part of the wider Jockey Training & Development Programme and be used as a discussion topic in the programme of Jockey Seminars for claiming jockeys.  The Jockey Matters films can be viewed online at

The ‘Drive Smart, Stay Safe’ message is so important for so many sports professionals who rack up the miles over the course of their careers, with many self-employed professionals travelling huge distances in their vehicles in order to earn their living. All Sport look forward to using this campaign to spread the message with other sporting associations highlighting the importance of safety on the roads.

For driving tips to stay safe behind the wheel read more:

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