Answers – How Well Do You Remember Your Driving Theory

You are about to go down a steep hill. To control the speed of your vehicle you should?

Select a lower gear and avoid the breaks

Select a high gear and use the breaks

Select a low gear and use the breaks carefully


Which of these might be badly affected if the tyres are underinflated?



Gear Changes


If you have to slow down quickly on a motorway due to a hazard, should you:

Put your arm out of the window and wave

Put your hazard lights on

Beep your horn


You are driving in strong winds and wish to overtake a motorcyclist. What should you do?

Pass as soon as you can

Overtake them as wide as possible

Pass as fast as possible to complete the overtake as quickly as possible


You are driving in very heavy rain. Your stopping distances are likely to be

Twice what they are under normal conditions

4 times what they are under normal conditions

5 times what they are under normal conditions


What does this sign mean?

30 miles to town

Follow the road for 30 miles

30 mile speed limit at the start of town


You’re travelling along a motorway and feel tired. Where should you stop to rest?

On the hard shoulder

On the central reservation

At the nearest service station


You’re approaching a red traffic light. What will the signal show next?

Red and Amber

Amber alone



How should you dispose of a used vehicle battery?

Take it to a local-authority site

Bury it in your garden

Put it in the dustbin

 You see a pedestrian waiting at a zebra crossing. What should you normally do?

Go on quickly before they step onto the crossing

Ignore them as they’re still on the pavement

Stop to let them cross and wait patiently

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