Car Insurance for Sports People

Join the 1000’s Pro Sport Drivers choosing All Sport for their Car Insurance

All Sport is one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers providing premium car insurance exclusively to professional sportspeople.

Our handpicked team of insurance professionals will provide you with an exceptional personal service from the first quote, right through to renewal – with no call centres.

Whether you are a young driver just starting your sporting career or a seasoned pro about to retire, we’ll take the time to understand your personal car insurance needs.

Our team are empowered to contact and liaise with specialist car insurers and underwriters on your behalf, enabling us to offer you the best car insurance solution for your circumstances.

We proudly provide car insurance to a range of sports professionals including, elite athletes, world record holders, high profile world cup winners, Olympic gold medallists, domestic league winners and medallists at major championships.

Our policyholders and ambassadors compete in over 20 sports, including football, rugby, cricket, snooker player car insurance, horse racing, golf, basketball, hockey and boxing.

Why Choose All Sport for your Car Insurance? 

  • Thoroughly trained insurance specialists who search the market for you
  • First-class personal service with no call centres
  • Online quote and reserve system for sports person car insurance
  • Exclusive use of the free All Sport App, so you can access all your essential insurance information at your fingertips.
  • Replacement car provided free of charge on any claims which are not your fault.
  • Our claims line operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so we are always here when you need us the most
  • Flexible monthly payment options are available

We also offer insurance for sports people across a range of other products including;

What is sports person car insurance?

Car insurance for sports professionals is very similar to standard car insurance; however, it can be challenging to find an insurance company. Many will consider your occupation high risk and may not quote or provide a quote that costs over the odds.

All Sport provides car insurance exclusively to sports professionals. As such, our team has access to top tier car insurance policies designed especially for your high-risk occupation.

So, whether you are looking for car insurance as a rugby player, footballers car insurance,  cricketer player car insurance,  as a jockey or car insurance as an athlete, or any sport – we are here to help you obtain the best car insurance at the right price.

Why do sports people pay more for car insurance?

Pro sports players are often young and inexperienced on the road. Statistically, inexperienced drivers tend to have more accidents. Additionally, high-profile sportspeople are more likely to drive a high-powered, high-end car, rather than a little run-around.

Being a professional sports man or sports woman can increase the risk of vandalism and malicious damage to your car simply because you’re in the public eye. Sadly, insurance companies see increased deliberate damage to sports peoples’ cars after some matches or tournaments.

In addition, if you were involved in an accident and are injured, unable to play for any period, you may also be entitled to an additional loss of earning payout or personal injury claim.

This compensation paid by your car insurance also includes any passengers at the time of an accident. Statistics show that working in a high-risk occupation, you are more likely to have other sportspeople in your vehicle, who may also be entitled to claim additional large sums of compensation should an injury claim be made.

Many insurers will not provide quotes for sports professionals due to the perceived increased risks involved.

Even if they do, car insurance for sports professionals can be hard to find at a low cost.

All Sport Insurance are leading sports insurance brokers and have partnered with a range of the UK leading car insurance companies.

Our specially trained team provides each quote on an individual bespoke basis, ensuring they are covered correctly and at a competitive price.

We can provide car insurance on a range of professional sports, including;

  • Car insurance for Rugby players
  • Car insurance for Cricketers
  • Car Insurance for Golfers
  • Car insurance for Netball players
  • Car insurance for Boxers
  • Car insurance for Athletes
  • Car Insurance for Football Players
  • Snooker player car insurance
  • Jockeys Car Insurance and apprentice jockey car insurance
  • Car Insurance for Tennis Players
  • Hockey Player Car Insurance
  • Sports Club Fleet Car Insurance
  • Sport Club Minibus 

Does the type of Sport you play increase the cost of your car insurance?

It can do. In the eyes of an insurer, a person playing a solo sport such as golf, tennis, boxing, or even a track athlete is less likely to have teammates in a car with them than, say, a football player, cricketer, or rugby player. This means that the potential personal injury claim would statistically be lower in the event of an accident. Using a specialist car insurance broker like All Sport can help you save money on your car insurance as each risk is assessed on its individual merits.

Does my gender make a difference to my Sports person car insurance?

The days of women paying less for car insurance are gone. Insurance companies can no longer use your gender as a risk factor when calculating premiums, so sportswomen and men would pay the same, assuming all the other risk factors are the same.

You may still see some companies marketing car insurance to females, but nothing stops men from purchasing these policies.

Sports Person Car Insurance Cover Types

The car insurance available to sports people is very similar to that of standard car insurance. Cover can be provided across 3 levels to cover.

Third-party only (TPO)

TPO Insurance covers any claim by third parties. However, this does not cover damage to your car.

Third-party fire and theft (TPFT)

TPFT Insurance covers fire and theft of your car in addition to the third party only cover.

Comprehensive Insurance (Comp / Fully Comp)

Comp insurance covers accidental damage to your car in addition to third party fire & theft cover.

Car insurance is a legal requirement for all cars used on the roads in the UK.

It protects you financially in the event of an accident, fire, vandalism, theft and other incidents. Car insurance also protects against any damage to other people’s property you may cause and any damages or injuries you cause to other people. Failure to have the correct insurance could leave you out of pocket in the event of a claim and could even see you facing penalties.

Our Sports Person Car Insurance

Whether you are a footballer with a sports car, a boxer with a classic car, a rugby player who is a young driver, a cricketer with a conviction, or a golfer driving a golf we can provide you with a quotation for your car insurance.

Convicted Driver Insurance

What is Convicted Driver Insurance?

Convicted driver insurance is similar to a standard car insurance policy, even for sports people. The key difference is that mainstream insurers won’t usually offer you cover, which makes things doubly difficult when you are also considered a high-risk occupation such as a footballer, rugby play, golfer, cricketer or boxer.

If you’ve received penalty points on your licence for drunk driving, driving without insurance, having faulty tyres or any other issues, you may need a specialist sports person car insurance.

Any convictions or penalty points on your licence will likely push up the price you pay for your car insurance.

Request a call back from our team of trained advisors here.

Classic Car Insurance for Sportspeople

Classic car insurance is a speciality car insurance policy designed for vehicles aged 25 years old or more. It differs from a standard car insurance policy as the car is valued based on its current condition, not considering depreciation.

For example, a standard insurance company may value an old vehicle at £300; however, the car has been fully restored and is worth £3000, a classic car insurance policy will insure for and payout on any claims based on the higher figure.

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Sports and Performance Car Insurance for Sports People

Sports and performance car insurance is specialist insurance for high-value drivers or high-powered sports cars or SUVs. Often sportspeople choose these cars and due to their value need specialist insurance.

If you are buying the vehicle from new, you should also consider finding out more about Gap insurance.

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Young Driver Car Insurance for Sports People

Many professional sports people are younger or inexperienced drivers. Combine this with your high-risk occupation and Footballers, Cricketers, Rugby players, and boxers can find it very difficult to get a good value car insurance quote. You can find information on reducing young driver car insurance here or ask one of our team to give you a quotation here.

How Can I Get Cheaper Car Insurance as a Sports Person?

By using a specialist insurance broker, you can save money on your vehicle insurance.

There are also other ways in each you can help to reduce your annual premium:

Take out a telematics policy: Young drivers can reduce the cost of sports person car insurance by being tracked through a telematics box.

Keep your car safe and secure: Upgrading the standard alarm and immobiliser and keeping it stored off the street can reduce the risk of vandalism and theft.

Pick your car model wisely: Cars are separated into 50 insurance groups. Car in group 1 is the lowest and group 50 the highest. This is because the vehicle engine size and value affect the price you will be offered for your insurance. Higher-rated vehicles usually cost more to insure.

Drive Safely: Every year you drive without making a claim, you should be entitled to a no claims discount at renewal.

Can I Get Temporary Car Insurance from All Sport?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer short term temporary car insurance policies for new customers. However, if you are an existing policyholder, you may temporarily add a car to your current policy. Get in touch with our customer service team on 01803 659121

Not Just a Sports Person Car Insurance Broker

We also specialise in providing insurance cover for a range of commercial property and private risks, for pro sports players including, home, pet and travel insurance, motorbike insurance, Sports Club and Associations, van and minibus insurance and more.

If you are purchasing a new car, check out our excellent GAP insurance product.

Find out more about sports person car insurance here

Great value car insurance for sports professionals

About Us

All Sport Insurance was formed to give sports professionals car insurance, at the right price, with the best possible service.

Our Sales Director, Andrew Pearce comes from a background spanning over 30 years as a rugby union official. He and the team understand the difficulties sports people have in obtaining competitively priced car insurance.

We look to cater for professionals from any sporting arena, from car insurance for footballers, car insurance for athletes, hockey player car insurance, car insurance for rugby players, car insurance for golfers, car insurance for cricketers and car insurance for jockeys and apprentice jockeys.

The insurers we work with appreciate that our clients can have specific needs and requirements, which is why every quote is bespoke and tailored to their own individual needs.

Why All Sport Insurance?

All Sport Insurance are specialists in the car insurance market for sports professionals. We understand the troubles and obstacles sports people are faced with when trying to obtain reasonable insurance quotes. Whether you need rugby player insurance, footballer insurance, cricketer insurance, jockey insurance or athlete insurance, we can help.

Our experienced and dedicated are always there to help. There is no call centre environment. If you have any queries or need to make any changes to your policy, a dedicated account handler is on hand to help.

Features & Benefits

  • Out of hours service
  • Dedicated account handler to process/answer any queries
  • Our experts have over 75 years’ experience in the insurance industry, so you can rest assured you will be getting the best advice.
  • Great savings with insurers that treat you as a standard risk
  • Instant cover available
  • Instalments available from two to eleven months’ payments
  • Driving experience through the club is recognised
  • Comprehensive/Third Party Fire & Theft/ Third Party Only cover available
  • No Claims Bonus Protection
  • European Cover as standard
  • UK & European Breakdown Cover available
  • Protect your Excess

We search our panel of specialised insurers to get you the right cover, at the right price. With a host of A rated insurers on our extensive panel and 5* customer service, we like to think we stand out from our competitors. Don’t take our word for it, take our client’s word for it… Allsportinsure

Car insurance for sports people doesn’t need to be a headache. Our dedicated team can speak to you to understand the requirements you need, then search the market for the best-suited car insurance for you. Our car insurance policies can be strengthened with tailored add-on products, such as Legal Protection, UK & EU Breakdown Cover, Key Cover and Excess Protection.

We also offer our own claims management service, which will handle all repairs and put you in a like for like hire vehicle, if you are involved in a non-fault accident.