Why is Car Insurance more expensive for Sports Professionals?

Why is Car Insurance more expensive for Sports Professionals?

As a sportsperson, you will present a much higher claim risk to insurers – and often this is for reasons that can’t really be helped by you as an individual.

Many professional sportspeople start their career at a young age and younger drivers usually face higher insurance premiums. This is because their youth and inexperience on the road make them more likely to be involved in road accidents – therefore they’ll be more likely to claim on their policy, driving the average premiums up for those under 25.

As professional sportspeople are often associated with higher income brackets, it’s reasonable to assume you might be driving a more expensive car. Supercars, sports cars and 4x4s are placed in higher insurance groups, making them more expensive to insure on average.

In fact, being a high-profile sportsperson, itself can heighten the risk of vandalism and accidental damage to your vehicle, simply because you’re in the public eye.

As a sportsperson, you may require a significant loss-of-earnings pay-out should you be involved in a serious accident.

You may also be putting in serious mileage if you have to drive across the country to different sports events, increasing the chance of an incident.


Is car insurance more expensive for certain sports?

As with any occupation, the specific type of sport you play can also have a bearing on your premiums – likely due to a range of factors considered by insurers. One of these factors may concern whether you are involved in a team or individual sport – if you are an individual sportsperson you’re less likely to have other sportspeople or teammates in your car, reducing the risk of a large pay-out for your insurer in the event of a claim.

How can I get cheaper car insurance?

By using a specialist insurance broker, you can save money on your insurance premium. At All Sport we have access to a specialist panel of insurers who understand your unique requirements and so we’re able to offer you competitive rates whilst ensuring you’re properly covered for your occupation.

There are also other ways in each you can help to reduce your annual premium:

Take out a telematics policy: As a young driver you might be able to reduce your car insurance by demonstrating responsible driving habits through a telematics device. Our All Sport Young Driver Scheme has been creating specifically with sports people in mind. Find out more https://www.allsportinsurance.co.uk/young-driver-insurance-quote/

Keep your car safe and secure: Fitting your car with an immobiliser and keeping it stored off the street can reduce the risk of vandalism and theft.

Pick your car model wisely: the vehicle engine size and value have a significant effect on your insurance premium. The higher rated the vehicle the more you will pay for your car insurance.

Drive Safely: if you build up your no claims bonus by not claiming on your insurance it will help to reduce your insurance premium.