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Why get car insurance with All Sport Insurance

As a sports professional, you face unique risks on and off the field. That’s why it’s crucial to partner with an insurance provider that understands your specific requirements. At All sport Insurance, we specialise in insurance for sportspeople, offering a range of benefits that set us apart:

Tailored cover: We design our car insurance plans to cater to the needs of sports professionals, providing specialised cover for high-performance vehicles.

Expertise: With years of experience in the sports insurance industry, our knowledgeable team understand the intricacies of your profession. We’ll guide you through the insurance process, ensuring you have the right cover to protect your passion.

Personalised service: We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. We take the time to understand your unique circumstances and provide customised insurance solutions that align with your requirements.

Choose All sport Insurance for comprehensive car insurance that caters specifically to sports professionals like you.

What is Car Insurance and Why do you need it?

Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, and for good reason. It provides financial protection in case of accidents, theft or damage to your vehicle. As a sports professional, your car is more than just a means of transportation—it’s a crucial part of your lifestyle. Here’s why you need car insurance:

Financial security: Car insurance safeguards you against significant financial losses resulting from accidents or theft. It covers the cost of repairs, medical expenses, and even legal liabilities, providing you with peace of mind.

Legal compliance: Driving without proper insurance is illegal in the UK. Car insurance ensures you meet the legal requirements, avoiding penalties, fines, and potential license suspension.

Protection for your vehicle: Your car is a valuable asset. Car insurance helps protect it against damage caused by accidents, vandalism, or natural disasters.

Personal protection: Car insurance can also include personal injury coverage, providing financial support in case of injuries sustained during accidents.

By securing car insurance, you protect yourself, your vehicle, and others on the road, allowing you to focus on your sports career with confidence.

What type of car insurance do I need?

Choosing the right type of car insurance is essential to ensure you have adequate coverage. As a sports professional, you may have specific requirements that go beyond standard insurance policies. At All sport Insurance, we offer various types of car insurance tailored to your needs:

Comprehensive insurance: This provides the highest level of cover and protects against a range of risks, including accidents, theft, fire, and damage caused to other vehicles or property.

Third-party, fire, and theft insurance: This type of insurance covers damage caused to other vehicles or property, as well as theft or damage resulting from fire.

Third-party only insurance: This is the minimum legal requirement in the UK and covers damage caused to other vehicles or property, but not damage to your own vehicle.

Our team of experts will assess your requirements and recommend the most suitable car insurance policy for your specific needs.

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At All Sport Insurance, we want to help you. That is why we have developed the All Sport Insurance App to help you easily upload documents, view your documents, report claims and much more.

How can I get cheaper car insurance?

As a sports professional, you understand the value of a good deal. When it comes to car insurance, there are ways to potentially lower your premiums. Here are some tips to help you get cheaper car insurance:

Compare quotes: Obtain quotes from multiple insurance providers to find the most competitive rates.

Increase security: Install security features, such as alarms, immobilisers, or tracking devices, to reduce the risk of theft and potentially lower your premiums.

Choose a higher excess: Opting for a higher voluntary excess can help lower your premiums, but ensure you can comfortably afford the excess amount in case of a claim.

Build a no-claims bonus: Safe driving and avoiding claims over time can lead to a no-claims bonus, resulting in reduced premiums.

Consider black box insurance: Installing a telematics device in your car can track your driving behaviour and potentially lead to lower premiums if you demonstrate responsible driving habits.

At All Sport Insurance, we’ll work with you to explore these options and find ways to make your car insurance more affordable without compromising on cover.

How much does car insurance cost?

The cost of car insurance depends on various factors, including:

– Your age and driving experience

– The make, model, and age of your vehicle

– Your annual mileage

– Your location and where your vehicle is parked overnight

– Any previous claims or driving convictions

It’s important to note that as a sports professional, certain factors specific to your profession may also influence the cost of your insurance, such as the type of sport you compete in, the level you compete at and your profile.

At All Sport Insurance, we’ll assess your individual circumstances and provide you with a customised quote tailored to your needs.

What can affect the car insurance price?

Several factors can influence the price of your car insurance. These factors include:

Your age and driving experience: Generally, more experienced drivers with a clean driving record can expect lower premiums.

Type of vehicle: High-performance or luxury vehicles often come with higher insurance premiums due to their increased value and repair costs.

Annual mileage: The more miles you drive each year, the higher the risk exposure, which may result in higher premiums.

Location: If you live in an area with higher crime rates or accident frequency, your premiums may be higher.

Claims history: Previous claims or driving convictions can impact your insurance premiums.

Security features: Vehicles equipped with advanced security features may receive lower insurance premiums due to the reduced risk of theft.

At All Sport Insurance, we’ll take all these factors into consideration when providing you with a car insurance quote, ensuring you receive the most competitive rates.


Optional Upgrades and Add-Ons

To enhance your car insurance cover, you can consider optional extras and add-ons. These may include:

Breakdown cover: Protect yourself against unexpected breakdowns and receive assistance on the road.

Legal expenses cover: Cover the cost of legal representation in case of an accident or dispute.

Vehicle Replacement: Ensure you have a temporary replacement vehicle if your car is being repaired following an accident or theft.

Excess Protection: Cover the cost of your excess by claiming it back in the event of a fault claim.

At All Sport Insurance, we can help you tailor your car insurance policy with these optional upgrades and add-ons, providing you with the additional protection you need.

What types of cars can I insure?

At All Sport Insurance, we can help you insure a wide range of vehicles, including:

Cars: Whether you drive a standard family car or a high-performance vehicle, we have the right car insurance solutions for you.

Sports cars: If you own a luxury sports car or a high-powered sports vehicle, we can provide specialised coverage to protect your investment.

Modified cars: If you’ve made modifications to your vehicle, such as engine upgrades, body kits, or alloy wheels, we can offer tailored cover to ensure you’re protected.

No matter the type of car you own, our team will work with you to find the appropriate insurance coverage that meets your specific needs.

What other types of cover can I get?

At All Sport Insurance, we understand that as a sports professional, your insurance needs go beyond just car insurance. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of insurance solutions designed specifically for sportspeople. These may include:

Career Ending insurance: Protect yourself against accidental injuries that may occur during sporting activities.

Travel insurance: Cover yourself while traveling, both domestically and internationally, ensuring you have protection against unexpected events.

Home insurance: Safeguard your home, its contents, and personal belongings against theft, damage, or other unforeseen circumstances.

By choosing All Sport Insurance, you can benefit from a complete suite of insurance products tailored to your sporting career and lifestyle.

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Our Reviews

Our commitment to providing excellent customer service and comprehensive cover has earned us a wealth of positive reviews from our satisfied clients. Read their testimonials to learn more about our services and what sets us apart in the world of sports insurance.

Mark Ramprakash

“Thanks Andrew and the team at All Sport for the help and efficient service in getting my insurance sorted out! Would definitely recommend.”

All Sport Insurance

Former England Cricketer

Stewart Downing

“A big thanks to Matt at All Sport Insurance for fantastic service again when insuring my vehicles, would highly recommend!”

All Sport Insurance

Former Liverpool and Middlesbrough Footballer & England International

Shakan Pitters

“Thank you once again for your service and time. Honestly, it’s the best service I’ve received dealing with someone over the phone. You’re a real credit to your company and team, I didn’t have to worry or lift a finger, you handled everything amazingly.”

All Sport Insurance

Professional Boxer

Jos Buttler

“Fantastic service once again from the team @Allsportinsure”

All Sport Insurance

England and Lancashire Cricketer

Danny Care

“Big thank you to Andrew and Phil at @Allsportinsure sorting me out very last minute! Quality, friendly service.”

All Sport Insurance

Rugby Player for England and Quins

Aidan Coleman

“Once again excellent service from @Allsportinsure @PJAOfficial thanks for making everything so straightforward #topclass”

All Sport Insurance

Pro Jockey

Lloyd White

“Thanks @Allsportinsure for sorting my car insurance out so quickly and getting me the best deal! Thanks to @RLCares for recommending aswell.”

All Sport Insurance

Rugby Player for Widnes Vikings

Charlie Matthews

“I used to think insurance was boring until I found these guys… @Allsportinsure”

All Sport Insurance

Rugby Player for Wasps

Joe Launchbury

“Thanks to @Allsportinsure for saving the weekends plan! Always a great service.”

All Sport Insurance

Rugby Player for England and Wasps

Ryan Sidebottom

“A big thanks to the team at @Allsportinsure for sorting my car insurance. Can not recommend them highly enough.”

All Sport Insurance

Former England Cricketer

Brady Stead

“For any athletes heading to the U.K. and need insurance I highly recommend @Allsportinsure. It’s the ‘Wild West’ over here, and this company was finally able to help me where so many others couldn’t or wouldn’t. Thank you!”

All Sport Insurance

Pro Golfer

Ian Bell

“Huge thank you to Andrew and the team for top level service on sorting my car insurance! As always, can’t recommend them enough to other sports people.”

All Sport Insurance

Cricket Legend

Sam Twomey

“Massive thank you to Joe at All Sport Insurance for helping sort out the car and home insurance! #onestopshop”

All Sport Insurance

Rugby Player for Quins

Charlie Beckett

“A huge thank you to the team at All Sport for sorting my insurance. No hassle whatsoever, made everything incredibly easy!”

All Sport Insurance

Rugby Player for Jersey RFC

Andrew March

“Just sorted my car insurance out with All Sport Insurance and it seems I have finally found an insurance company which understand my profession.”

All Sport Insurance

PGA Golf Professional

Katherine Brunt

“Massive thanks to All Sport Insurance for sorting me out with a great deal #recommend”

All Sport Insurance

International Cricketer

Steve Scott

“A big thank you to Liam at All Sport Insurance for sorting out the car insurance. Very efficient. Quality service, I would highly recommend.”

All Sport Insurance

Former Scottish International Rugby Player

Frequently asked questions

At All Sport , we understand that social media is a part of modern life. While it’s not a standard practice for insurers to check your social media accounts, it’s important to be mindful of what you share online.

It’s always a good idea to exercise caution and avoid posting content that could potentially impact your insurance coverage. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Car insurance policies typically offer different classes of use to reflect how you intend to use your vehicle. The most common classes of use include:

Social, Domestic, and Pleasure (SDP): This covers everyday personal use of your vehicle, such as commuting to work, shopping, or leisure activities.

Commuting: If you use your vehicle for daily commuting to a permanent place of work, you’ll need to select this class of use.

Business Use: If you use your vehicle for business-related purposes, such as visiting clients or attending meetings, you’ll need to ensure you have appropriate coverage.

It’s important to accurately declare the class of use that aligns with your driving habits to ensure you’re adequately covered.

In some cases, comprehensive insurance policies may offer a level of cover that allows you to drive someone else’s car with their permission. However, this is not a standard feature and can vary between insurance providers and policies.

It’s essential to review your policy documents or consult with your insurance broker to understand the specific terms and conditions regarding driving other vehicles.

All insurers require information about any motoring convictions in the past 5 years. Even though they may show on the DVLA database as being expired, it is vital that any motoring offences are disclosed within the 5-year period.

Insurers will commonly run a driving licence check to validate your insurance, so it is important to declare this information at the inception of the policy to be sure your insurance is valid. If you receive any points during the time that you are covered, you must declare this to your insurer at renewal.

Yes, where you park your vehicle overnight can have an impact on your car insurance premium. If you have access to a secure private driveway or garage, it is generally considered safer and may result in lower premiums.

On the other hand, parking your vehicle on the street or in an area prone to theft or vandalism may increase your insurance costs. It’s important to provide accurate information about your overnight parking arrangements to ensure your policy reflects your specific circumstances.

As a sports professional, it is important to declare your correct profession for your insurance to be valid in the event of a claim.

Given the high-profile nature of professional sport, information is readily available, particularly through social media and if you do not declare the correct information to an insurer at the outset of a policy, you are likely to get found out at a later date.

If you have another part time job or you’re studying alongside your sport it is important to declare this. The more information you can provide to the insurer the better

Yes, it’s possible to insure a sponsored vehicle. Sponsored vehicles are often associated with sports professionals who have partnerships or sponsorships.

When insuring a sponsored vehicle, it’s important to provide accurate information about the nature of the sponsorship and any modifications made to the vehicle. This will allow the insurance provider to assess the appropriate coverage required for your unique situation.

A Green Card is an internationally recognised document that shows foreign police that you hold a valid insurance policy for your vehicle.

UK registered vehicles travelling within the EU are now covered by the EU’s Motor Insurance Directive (MID). This allows them to travel freely between other EU countries without requiring supplementary insurance documentation. This is a change back following the implementation of Green Cards after Brexit.

It is important to note that some countries may still require a Green Card for Caravans.

Although the change has come into effect already to prevent delays, the Motor Insurance Bureau recommends that anyone travelling to the EU still take a Green Card with them over the next few months whilst the full policy change takes place across the member countries.

To obtain a Green Card call our customer services team on 01803 659121

Details about needing a Green Card.

As of the 2nd August 2021, UK drivers will no longer need to take an insurance ‘green card’ with them when taking their vehicles to EU countries including Ireland, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, and Switzerland.

However, you may need to carry a green card to drive in other countries, including:


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