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What do I need to get a Fleet Insurance quote?

To provide you with a personalised fleet insurance quote at All Sport Insurance, we’ll need some essential information:

1. Your business details, including your industry – we’re well-versed in the needs of sports professionals and their companies.

2. Details about your fleet such as the number, make, model, and age of the vehicles

3. The driving history, age and experience of your drivers

4. The level of cover you’re looking for5. Details of any past insurance claims

With these details in hand, we can create a tailored quote to suit your needs.

Why get Fleet Insurance with All Sport Insurance?

All Sport Insurance is your go-to provider for fleet insurance, especially if you’re a sports professional. We understand that managing a fleet can be complex and demanding, and we’re here to make it simpler. With our broad coverage, competitive prices, and superior customer service, we provide insurance that takes the worry out of protecting your business vehicles.

What type of Fleet insurance do I need?

The right fleet insurance for you depends on your business needs. At All Sport Insurance, we offer:

1. Third-party Only: This covers liability for injury to others and damage to other people’s property.

2. Third-party, Fire and Theft: In addition to third-party coverage, it covers your vehicles if they’re stolen or damaged by fire.

3. Comprehensive: Our most inclusive coverage, providing protection for accidental damage, fire, theft, and liability.

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At All Sport Insurance, we want to help you. That is why we have developed the All Sport Insurance App to help you easily upload documents, view your documents, report claims and much more.

How can I get cheaper Fleet insurance?

Getting more affordable fleet insurance is achievable by implementing several strategies:

1. Implement a driver training programme to improve driver safety.

2. Install telematics to monitor driver behaviour.

3. Regularly service and maintain your vehicles.

4. Secure your vehicles when they’re not in use.

All these can contribute to reducing your fleet insurance costs.

What is Fleet Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Fleet insurance is a form of motor insurance that covers multiple vehicles and drivers under one policy. It’s ideal for businesses, including those run by sports professionals, that use several vehicles in their operations.

Having fleet insurance is critical as it provides financial protection against unexpected incidents such as accidents, theft, or damage to your vehicles. It simplifies management and can save you time and money compared to insuring vehicles separately.

How much does Fleet insurance cost?

Fleet insurance cost varies depending on factors such as the number and type of vehicles, the drivers’ age and experience, and the chosen level of coverage. Our commitment at All Sport Insurance is to provide competitively priced, customised quotes that reflect your specific business needs.

What can affect the Sports and Super Car insurance price?

Several factors can impact your fleet insurance price:

1. The number and type of vehicles in your fleet2

. The driving records of your drivers

3. Where your vehicles are stored overnight

4. The level of coverage you select

Optional Upgrades and Add-Ons

To enhance your car insurance cover, you can consider optional extras and add-ons. These may include:

Breakdown cover: Protect yourself against unexpected breakdowns and receive assistance on the road.

Legal expenses cover: Cover the cost of legal representation in case of an accident or dispute.

Vehicle Replacement: Ensure you have a temporary replacement vehicle if your car is being repaired following an accident or theft.

Excess Protection: Cover the cost of your excess by claiming it back in the event of a fault claim.

At All Sport Insurance, we can help you tailor your car insurance policy with these optional upgrades and add-ons, providing you with the additional protection you need.

What types of Fleet can I insure?

We’re equipped to insure a wide range of fleets. Whether your business requires a fleet of cars, vans, trucks, or a mixture, we can provide the coverage you need. As experts in insurance for sports professionals, we understand that your needs might be unique, and we’re ready to cater to them.

What other types of cover can I get?

Beyond sports and super car insurance, All Sport Insurance offers a comprehensive range of other products.

Just some of our other insurance products include:

Career Ending insurance: Protect yourself against accidental injuries that may occur during sporting activities.

Travel insurance: Cover yourself while traveling, both domestically and internationally, ensuring you have protection against unexpected events.

Home insurance: Safeguard your home, its contents, and personal belongings against theft, damage, or other unforeseen circumstances.

By choosing All Sport Insurance, you can benefit from a complete suite of insurance products tailored to your sporting career and lifestyle.

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Our Reviews

Our commitment to providing excellent customer service and comprehensive cover has earned us a wealth of positive reviews from our satisfied clients. Read their testimonials to learn more about our services and what sets us apart in the world of sports insurance.

Mark Ramprakash

“Thanks Andrew and the team at All Sport for the help and efficient service in getting my insurance sorted out! Would definitely recommend.”

All Sport Insurance

Former England Cricketer

Stewart Downing

“A big thanks to Matt at All Sport Insurance for fantastic service again when insuring my vehicles, would highly recommend!”

All Sport Insurance

Former Liverpool and Middlesbrough Footballer & England International

Shakan Pitters

“Thank you once again for your service and time. Honestly, it’s the best service I’ve received dealing with someone over the phone. You’re a real credit to your company and team, I didn’t have to worry or lift a finger, you handled everything amazingly.”

All Sport Insurance

Professional Boxer

Jos Buttler

“Fantastic service once again from the team @Allsportinsure”

All Sport Insurance

England and Lancashire Cricketer

Danny Care

“Big thank you to Andrew and Phil at @Allsportinsure sorting me out very last minute! Quality, friendly service.”

All Sport Insurance

Rugby Player for England and Quins

Aidan Coleman

“Once again excellent service from @Allsportinsure @PJAOfficial thanks for making everything so straightforward #topclass”

All Sport Insurance

Pro Jockey

Lloyd White

“Thanks @Allsportinsure for sorting my car insurance out so quickly and getting me the best deal! Thanks to @RLCares for recommending aswell.”

All Sport Insurance

Rugby Player for Widnes Vikings

Charlie Matthews

“I used to think insurance was boring until I found these guys… @Allsportinsure”

All Sport Insurance

Rugby Player for Wasps

Joe Launchbury

“Thanks to @Allsportinsure for saving the weekends plan! Always a great service.”

All Sport Insurance

Rugby Player for England and Wasps

Ryan Sidebottom

“A big thanks to the team at @Allsportinsure for sorting my car insurance. Can not recommend them highly enough.”

All Sport Insurance

Former England Cricketer

Brady Stead

“For any athletes heading to the U.K. and need insurance I highly recommend @Allsportinsure. It’s the ‘Wild West’ over here, and this company was finally able to help me where so many others couldn’t or wouldn’t. Thank you!”

All Sport Insurance

Pro Golfer

Ian Bell

“Huge thank you to Andrew and the team for top level service on sorting my car insurance! As always, can’t recommend them enough to other sports people.”

All Sport Insurance

Cricket Legend

Sam Twomey

“Massive thank you to Joe at All Sport Insurance for helping sort out the car and home insurance! #onestopshop”

All Sport Insurance

Rugby Player for Quins

Charlie Beckett

“A huge thank you to the team at All Sport for sorting my insurance. No hassle whatsoever, made everything incredibly easy!”

All Sport Insurance

Rugby Player for Jersey RFC

Andrew March

“Just sorted my car insurance out with All Sport Insurance and it seems I have finally found an insurance company which understand my profession.”

All Sport Insurance

PGA Golf Professional

Katherine Brunt

“Massive thanks to All Sport Insurance for sorting me out with a great deal #recommend”

All Sport Insurance

International Cricketer

Steve Scott

“A big thank you to Liam at All Sport Insurance for sorting out the car insurance. Very efficient. Quality service, I would highly recommend.”

All Sport Insurance

Former Scottish International Rugby Player

Frequently asked questions

Any business or organisation, including those led by sports professionals, that operates multiple vehicles can apply for fleet insurance with All Sport Insurance. Our bespoke cover is designed to meet the unique needs of sports professionals and their businesses.

The minimum number of vehicles typically required for a fleet insurance policy can vary. At All Sport Insurance, we offer flexible solutions and can provide a customised quote based on your specific needs.

We can cover a wide variety of vehicles under our fleet insurance policy, including cars, vans, lorries, and more. Whether you have a mixed fleet or vehicles of the same type, we can provide the coverage you need.

Yes, we offer optional add-ons such as breakdown cover, goods in transit cover, and legal expenses cover to provide you with additional peace of mind.

Yes, young drivers can be included in the fleet insurance policy. However, their inclusion may affect the cost of the policy due to the increased risk associated with younger, less experienced drivers.

There are several ways to potentially reduce the cost of your fleet insurance premium. These include maintaining a good driving record for all drivers, ensuring vehicles are securely stored when not in use, and considering a higher voluntary excess.

A comprehensive fleet insurance policy from All Sport Insurance provides the highest level of protection. It includes cover for damage to your own vehicles, third-party liability for injury and property damage, and cover for fire and theft.

To provide you with a fleet insurance quote, we’ll need details about your business, the vehicles in your fleet, the drivers, and any past insurance claims. This information helps us to provide a tailored quote to suit your business’s needs.

Yes, we understand that the needs of a business, especially those of sports professionals, can change over time. You can add or remove vehicles or drivers, and adjust levels of cover as needed.

If you need to make a claim, our dedicated claims team is here to guide you through the process. We understand that making a claim can be stressful, and our goal is to make it as smooth as possible for you.

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