Have you ever considered whether you or your clients may need influencer insurance?

Surprisingly, many bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and influencers don’t recognise that they are publishers despite their high followings on social media. Many are also unaware of the potential risks involved with online promotions.

Breach of promotional contracts, advertising legislation and privacy regulations, are just a handful of examples frequently seen in the news, resulting in hefty lawsuits being filed against influencers and agents acting on their behalf.

Do you or your clients?

· Have a high following on social media?
· Monetise a blog or YouTube channel?
· Receive payment from brands or advertising agencies to promote their products or services?
· Frequently speak at public events?
· Have an endorsement deal with a brand?
· Present on TV, radio or podcasts?

If so, you run the risk of defamation every day. It’s important to have the right insurance cover in place to protect yourself from this.
In our socially connected world, an off-the-cuff remark online, or at a public event, cannot be easily contained or prevented from spreading quickly. In seconds a brand or individual can be defamed, putting your reputation at risk and exposing you to potential claims. Influencer insurance can protect you against these risks and offer financial security in the event of a claim.


What is influencer insurance?

Influencer Insurance is specific protection tailored for bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and social media personalities and influencers.

What’s covered?
· Libel and slander
· Breach of contract
· Breach of copyright and trademark
· Breach of confidentiality, right of privacy or publicity
· Defamation
· Dishonesty of employees
· Information security and privacy liability cover (cyber)

At All Sport we can tailor the policy to meet the needs of you or your clients giving you the peace of mind that, should the worst happen you have the suitable cover in place.


Claim Scenario Examples

A cricketer makes a remark during a post-match interview that their poor performance during the season is due to the quality of their bat.

The bat company terminates their endorsement deal and also brings a breach of contract claim relating to the quality of promotion. The Cricketer’s insurance claims team work’s closely with the cricketer’s own counsel to defend the breach of contract allegation, while the policy funds the defence counsel’s fees.

A social influencer forgets to include #ad on sponsored posts.

This causes the Advertising Standards Authority to investigate and issue an adverse ruling against the brand. The brand sues the influencer for breach of contract after suffering reputational damage. The influencer opts to settle this claim with the support of their insurer, and the policy pays the settlement amount.