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Here at All Sport Insurance we specialise in the majority of insurance products. Like most of insurances, you can speak to us at the Torquay office and we will be able to help you. There are a few instances where the insurance you need is too specialist and with which you need dedicated professionals who dedicate their lives to understanding the products. That is what we have with our partner for life insurance.

We use our partners Molyneux Associates who specialise in life insurance.

Molyneux Associates use their strong, long-standing relationships within the life insurance market to tailor plans around each individuals bespoke circumstances. Life insurance can be unequivocally important as it is specifically designed to help you at the most dire times, and also to help you loved ones financially in times where monetary value is not at the forefront of their minds.

They also specialise in:

INVESTMENTS ;-  lump sum investment for growth or tax-efficient income

ESTATE PLANNING ;- helping to ensure hard-earned assets go to your chosen ones, rather than the taxman

PENSIONS;- making the most of existing arrangements or planning for the future. Personal or tax breaks for business!

LIFE ASSURANCE ;- personal or business plans, protecting those that matter

HEALTH INSURANCE ;- sickness or accident planning to safeguard that income

MORTGAGES;- domestic, buy-to let or commercial, Whole of market, purchasing or remortgaging

EQUITY RELEASE;- helping your property work for you, after you`ve worked hard for it.

CARE FEE PLANNING;- helping to manage the expense

Life Insurance Quote

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