My Insurance Journey – Stuart Disney, PGA Fellow Professional, The Mendip Golf Club

I’ve been a PGA Fellow Professional for many years and I have run my own golf Pro Shop retailing golf equipment for over 10 years. During this time, I always sought the best deal I could get to save money. Being a TGI Golf Partner, I used our own recommended supplier as they provided me the best deal. Whilst happy with my insurance cover and level of service, I never had any issues, no insurance claims, no break-ins or anything that required me contacting the insurance broker. I simply renewed each year, had a look around for prices and found that they were really competitive.

Then I had a break-in in March 2018. That’s when the problems started. I made the usual telephone call to inform them of my break-in, only to be passed from pillar to post and not having any one single person to look after me. Whilst all this was going on, my renewal also came through. I couldn’t get insurance from anyone else because I had an ongoing claim that hadn’t been settled and no-one wanted to deal with me because I hadn’t got the details from the insurance company as to the value of the claim, when it was being settled, what implications this would have on my Pro Shop in terms of additional security. Despite numerous phone calls and emails to try to resolve this with the broker, nothing happened until shortly after my renewal date by which time I had to continue with the insurance firm. And then they paid out. My claim was for £10,000 of stock stolen, I provided all the evidence necessary and again, despite numerous phone calls and emails with the brokers and insurance company, I only got paid £6,000 and to add salt to the wound, my insurance premium went up by £800!

I had to run with this for the next year until, by chance, I gave a golf lesson to Geoff Derham of All Sport Insurance.

Geoff informed me he ran an insurance brokers firm, All Sport Insurance. The conversation progressed and I asked about business insurance and Pro Shop insurance. It was around the time I was due to renew, so a touch of good fortune I thought to myself.

Geoff got the office to call me, discussed my needs and wants and put together a quotation. The quotation itself was actually less than my renewal, even though I had had a break-in 12 months earlier, and my shop is of a timber construction which always causes problems.

The level of service I received was exemplary. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was checked for me regarding the small print.

I was so happy with the service, that the following year (2020), the COVID-10 pandemic hit the world and I made one phone call to All Sport Insurance to find out if I had Business Interruption Insurance on my policy. They guided me through the process, put me in contact with the insurance company, and I followed their instructions. A couple of issues arose, but again, All Sport Insurance guided me through this and made some suggestions as to what I could do. I did so and 2 weeks after the initial claim log, the insurance company agreed to pay out for business interruption cover.