Protect what you love this Valentines

Did you know it was predicted that romantic Brits would spend £650 million on Valentine’s gifts in 2018?

We’re not suggesting you spend that much on your loved one, but if you’re planning to pop the question, surprise them with that piece of jewellery they’ve been subtly hinting about for months, or are you hoping they’ve remembered that you need a new phone, laptop or tablet? All Sport is here to make sure you don’t drop the ball when it comes to insurance .

All Sport can arrange home insurance cover that’s up to scratch. Perhaps you’re planning a romantic Valentine’s getaway? All Sport can provide competitive cover for your valuables away from the home, wherever in the world you are.

You might think you’re already covered, but many standard home insurance policies:

·         Apply a ‘single article limit’ to individual items; this could be as little as £1500, regardless of the actual value of the item

·         Don’t include Accidental Damage Cover for jewellery or electronics

·         Won’t provide worldwide cover for loss, theft or damage for high net worth personal possessions

What does this mean for you personally? Potentially, not only significant financial loss, but also serious domestic strife. Imagine explaining to your loved one that you didn’t take the time to make sure their favourite gift from you was properly covered – after it has been lost, damaged or stolen!

All Sport understands that as a professional sportsperson, you don’t have time to trawl the internet or spend hours on the phone searching for the perfect home insurance policy.

At All Sport we specialise in high net worth home insurance for professional sportspeople and we understand your particular needs like no other insurance broker. Our friendly, knowledgeable team take the hassle of out of home insurance by first establishing your needs, then searching our panel of specialist insurers for your ideal cover. We have worked hard to build a relationship with our team of insurers and this enables All Sport to provide tailored coverage that other brokers just don’t have access to.

So, don’t be blindsided by below par home insurance this Valentine’s Day – contact All SportInsurance for a quote today on 01803 659121.