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Sports club insurance quote

If you run a sports club or society, it’s essential to think about sports club insurance. This is because there are risks to the public and your employees or volunteers as well as property and equipment.

Sports club insurance can offer you a range of protection if something goes wrong and your club or society is at fault. The insurance can cover the cost of legal fees and/or compensation payments if required. At All Sport, we specialise in sports club insurance and can obtain you a quote perfectly tailored to your needs.

What type of sports club insurance do I need?

A Sports club insurance policy has three main functions:

  1. Protect your grounds and equipment with building and contents insurance.
  2. Protect both your staff and volunteers, and visitors with employer’s liability and public liability covers.
  3. Your income as a business, if required, would be covered by business interruption insurance.

Building insurance will provide you cover for damage to your sports clubs premises from an insurable event such as a flood or fire. In contrast, the contents element will cover the internal items such as furniture, training equipment, or electrical items or stock.

Public liability protects you, as the business owner, against compensation claims that could arise from guests, suppliers or any other third party who may be injured due to negligence. Employers’ liability is similar protection but for your employees.

Business interruption insurance will allow you to claim for bills, wages, and other outgoings should your business need to stop trading through an insurable event. This could be through damage to the property forcing closure.

Sports Clubs and societies that we insure

We can insure lots of different types of sports clubs, groups and societies, from dance halls to football clubs and more. We work with a large panel of leading insurers who are specialists in providing insurance cover for sports clubs and groups, and our team of trained advisors can tailor your policy to your sports club’s unique needs.

Types of Sports Clubs we can Insure.

Cricket club insurance

Bowls club insurance

Tennis club insurance

Baseball team insurance

Basketball team insurance

Hockey insurance

Volleyball club insurance

Aerobics club insurance

Table tennis club insurance

Athletics club insurance

Badminton club insurance

Ballet club insurance

Netball club insurance

Snooker club insurance

Gymnastics club insurance

Sports club insurance

Gym and health club insurance

Why do I need public liability insurance for a sports club?

Public liability insurance protects your Sports Club if someone gets injured or suffers a loss at the property.

Is sports club insurance a legal requirement?

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have staff or volunteers working for you. It covers you if an employee is injured at work through negligence and blames your sports club. Whilst public liability isn’t a legal requirement. It will protect you and your visitors, members, or suppliers who had cause to claim against you.

Will our insurance cover sporting events?

Public and employer’s liability will cover any events at your sports club. However, the policies do not normally cover event cancellation or postponement. We can arrange specific events cover for this, please get in contact with our team on 01803 659121 or email

Additional covers that your Sports Club may find useful include.
  • Revenue protection/interrupted business
  • Loss of licence
  • Fixtures, fittings and general contents
  • External signs and blinds
  • Legal expenses
  • Buildings and/or tenants’ improvements (depending on whether you own or rent you’re your sports club premises)
  • Consumer goods and stock

Why choose All Sport for your Sports Club or Society Insurance?

  • At All Sport, we understand the importance of insuring Sports Club or Society correctly. That is why we have a large panel of insurers to enable us to help you find the right policies to meet your individual property needs.
  • Our quick and easy approach to creating a tailor-made insurance package means you can rest assured you have the right covers in place, at a great price. Whether it’s a Tennis, Club, Ruby Club or Bowls Club you can rely on All Sport to find a competitive price while providing exceptional customer service.
  • Over 75 years experience insuring Sports Clubs and Societies
  • Specialist team of qualified insurance professionals
  • 24 hour claims line
  • Quick turnaround times
  • No call centres
  • 5* rated on Google
  • Flexible payment options available

When you are looking for insurance for your sports club or society trying to find quality cover with peace of mind can be time-consuming which is why All Sport do the hard work for you. We will save you time by searching many of the top UK Sports insurance companies for you, we’ll also work hard to save you money too.

We offer competitive Sports Club insurance, for Tennis Clubs, Ruby Clubs and Football clubs, to name just a few. All Sport Insurance understand that quality cover is just as important as a low price. Our teams only work with the most trusted Sports Club insurance companies who can provide you with the standard of insurance to cover your business needs.

We can arrange specific sports club insurance, please get in contact with our team on 01803 659121 or email