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Why do I need Wedding Insurance

Weddings are completely unique based on each couple, from small intimate events to high-budget spectacular shows, but with the average wedding in the UK currently being just over £15,000, it’s vital that you have a safety-net in case things go wrong.

That’s where Wedding Insurance from All Sport Insurance can help – it provides protection for when things don’t go to plan on your big day.

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Get cover for your big day with All Sport Insurance’s comprehensive wedding insurance. We are here to make wedding insurance quick and easy.

What is Wedding Insurance

Your wedding day is usually one of the most meaningful and important days of your life. The day is also usually likely to be a very expensive one and with this in mind you will want to make sure your special day is fully covered with our tailored Wedding Insurance.

Our Wedding Insurance policies cover a range of things that can happen on your big day: cancellation & curtailment, rearrangement, ceremonial & bridal attire, failure of suppliers, wedding gift cover, wedding ring cover and much more. 

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What’s Included With Wedding Insurance?

  Worldwide cover available
Optional Liability, Marquee & Ceremonial Sword cover
Cancellation and curtailment including rearrangement
Ceremonial and bridal attire
Failure of suppliers
Wedding gifts, Wedding rings, flowers and the wedding cake
Wedding cars and transport
Essential document indemnity
Photography and video
Personal accident & Personal liability

What isn’t covered by Wedding Insurance

 Any loss due to the insureds deciding not to get married 
  Claims arising directly or indirectly from failure to obtain the recommended vaccinations
 Events or circumstances of which you were aware or that were public knowledge, at the time of buying this policy that make a loss or claim inevitable or which substantially increases the risk of financial loss
  Losses directly or indirectly occasioned by, happening through, or in consequence of alcoholism, the use of intoxicating drink or drugs or self-exposure to needless peril
 Any damages related to atmospheric conditions
 Any damages that are direct or indirect consequence of wear and tear, inherent defect, rot, mildew, rust, corrosion, frost or soiling, insects, woodworm, vermin, or moths
 Any damages or losses confiscation or detention by government or other authorised officials
 Damages caused by a wedding services supplier not providing you with the service or level of quality which they contracted to unless specifically covered in this policy
 Any travel costs
 Any deliberate, wilful, criminal, or malicious acts and any acts of vandalism by persons invited to the event by the insured couple
 Losses recoverable by any other sources
 Any deposits paid more than 30 days before the start date of this policy.
 Any one upon whom the wedding depends acting against medical advice, awaiting results of tests or medical investigations, being on a hospital waiting list for treatment, having received a terminal prognosis, suffer from anxiety, stress or depression, committing or attempting to commit suicide or injuring himself intentionally

Are there any Wedding Insurance restrictions?

  This policy must be purchased a minimum of 30 days before the wedding ceremony and/or reception date
 At least one of insured couple must be a permanent resident of the United Kingdom or British Citizen 

  You must provide us, at your expense, with all reasonable details and evidence which we ask for concerning the cause and amount of any loss, damage or injury
Excess for Ceremonial and Bridal Attire, Failure of Suppliers, Wedding Gifts, Rings, Cake, Flowers, Attendant’s Gifts, Photography and Video is £100 
 This policy applies to Weddings taking place anywhere in the world excluding countries where travel is not recommended by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. Public Liability cover only applies to weddings held within the UK. It is a condition of this policy that either the bride or civil partner or the groom or civil partner (not both) must be a UK citizen or permanent UK resident