What insurance do I need as a sports professional?

As a professional athlete, finding a competitive insurance quote that gives you the cover you need can be difficult. It is so important to declare your correct profession on your policy otherwise your insurance could be invalid. All Sport has extensive experience in providing insurance cover for professional athletes and can tailor insurance to meet the needs of you and your families.
Here All Sport provides a guide to the different types of insurance you might require as a sports professional.

Motor Insurance

There are three main types of car insurance policy: Third party only, Thirty party, fire and theft and Comprehensive.
Third party only is the lowest level of cover, protecting you against damage that’s caused by you or one of your passengers to others. That includes damage to other drivers and their vehicles as well as accidental damage to lampposts and walls. Third party only does not cover your own vehicle – you’ll have to foot the bill for any damage yourself.
Third party, fire and theft covers everything included in third party only cover, but it will also pay to repair or replace your car if it’s stolen or damaged/destroyed by fire.
Fully comprehensive car insurance is the widest level of coverage available, including third party and third party, fire and theft, but also covering wider damage to your own vehicle. Some policies will also cover you to drive the cars of others – and sometimes hire cars – but usually only up to third party level. Some fully comprehensive policies will also offer additional features such as breakdown cover, legal cover and courtesy cars.
As a sports professional it is important to always ensure you are adequately insured. All Sport can advise on the best policy for your personal needs.

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Home Insurance

Home insurance protects your property and your belongings. There are three main types of home insurance: buildings insurance, contents insurance and combined buildings and contents insurance.
Buildings insurance covers the cost of repairing damage to the structure of your property. As a rule, buildings insurance covers the cost of rebuilding your house from the ground up. Contents insurance on the other hand, covers the cost of replacing your belongings in your home if they are damaged, destroyed or stolen.
If you are living in rented or club accommodation it is important to think about contents insurance to cover your personal belongings for example a laptop, watch, television, sports equipment, or other valuables.

Landlords Insurance

If you own a rental property it is important to have it fully protected with the right landlord cover. It can protect the property itself, as well as related risks such as injury or loss suffered by a tenant as a result of a fault with the building. Landlord insurance can also cover the landlord’s contents within the property.
Landlord insurance is important because standard home insurance policies aren’t designed to cover rental activities. A specialist policy can help you protect yourself, your rental property and your tenants.

Business Insurance
If you are setting up or have your own business, whilst you are playing or when you retire from professional sport you will need to consider business insurance. Business insurance protects against losses that happen as a result of normal business activities. There are different types of cover for different types of risk, from legal liability to property damage, to employee-related issues. It is important to get specialist advice to ensure you have the necessary cover for your business.

Career Ending Insurance

If you earn your living from professional sport, career ending insurance is something that you need to consider. Career ending insurance provides you with financial protection against the potential loss of current and future earnings should your career be interrupted or prematurely ended due to an accidental injury, illness or accidental death.

Sports Coach Insurance

As a sports coach you will require specialist coach insurance. If you are coaching through a club or organisation you may be covered by their policy, but it is important to check you are fully insured. Public liability insurance protects you if a claim is made against you for injury to another person or property damage.

Pet insurance

Pet insurance helps you cover the cost of veterinary treatment if your pet falls ill or gets injured. Some policies also offer cover for if your pet dies, is lost or stolen or causes damage to a third party’s property.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is designed to cover major mishaps while travelling abroad and when you’re on holiday. Travelling without cover is very risky and could leave you massively out of pocket if the unthinkable happens. Some of the most important features of a travel insurance policy include: emergency medical cover, cancellation cover, curtailment and missed departure cover, personal belongings and money cover and public liability cover.
Given the recent Covid-19 pandemic some policies may lack cover for Coronavirus related incidents, so it is important to check the policy details. Read more in our latest travel blog

The team at All Sport have an in-depth understanding of the lives of sports professionals and can offer tailored advice on any of the above insurance policies.
For further information or a personal quote contact the team on 01803 659121 or enquiries@allsportinsurance.co.uk or Amy Derham on 07748 083962 or amy.derham@allsportinsurance.co.uk