Why is Car Insurance more expensive for Footballers?

Car insurance is more expensive for footballers because the insurance companies see your occupation as a higher risk than, say, an accountant or office worker.

How does your occupation as a footballer make your insurance more expensive?

Being a high-profile footballer can heighten the risk of vandalism and malicious damage to your vehicle simply because you’re in the public eye. Sadly, insurance companies see an increase in deliberate damage to both football players cars and homes after some matches have been played.

Furthermore, suppose you were involved in an accident in which you are injured and unable to play for any period. In that case, you can claim for a loss-of-earnings pay-out or personal injury claim.

This potential compensation also extends to any passengers you may have in your car at the time of a collision. For example, statistics show that working as a professional footballer, you are more likely to have high profile sports people in your vehicle who may also be entitled to claim additional large sums of compensation should an injury claim be made.

Other factors that make car insurance more expensive for footballers

Professional football players are often associated with driving more expensive prestige vehicles. Cars are listed and separated into 50 separate insurance groups. Groups 1- 5 are the cheapest to insure, whilst cars such as supercars, sports cars and 4x4s, tend to be in the higher groups, making them more expensive to insure on average.

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You may also be driving more miles per year as a footballer. This is because many football players have to travel across the country to different sporting events. More time on the road statistically increases the chance of an incident. In addition, if you are using your vehicle to drive to other training grounds and stadiums, you will also need business use included on your car insurance.

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Many footballers start their career at a young age, and younger drivers also charged more for insurance making young footballers car insurance so of the most expensive. In addition, inexperienced and young footballers are statistically more likely to be involved in road accidents. Therefore, they are more likely to claim their policy, driving the average premiums up for those under 25.

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All these factors combine to often make car insurance for footballers more expensive. It is also highly important that you declare your occupation correctly when you request car insurance for football players quotes as you may be uninsured if you don’t.